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Microdermabrasion ~ the Good News!

I have bad news and good news.   To begin with, it is important to state that no treatment can halt the aging process.  =(   That would be the bad news… (lets hope you figured that part out on your own!)  I, myself,  have been experiencing a drought at the fountain of youth for quite some time […]

Another SPA-cial Delivery!

I could not have been more excited to receive my very first professional facial!  It was with great anticipation that I left my house to head to the Midvale Sego Lily Day Spa.  I had never been to the Midvale location, but had heard many great things about it.  Even though it was a much longer drive […]

Slow Down, You’re Going to Fast!

I was so excited to have my first treatment as the Sego Lily Blogger that I fear I probably broke a few speeding laws to get there because I just couldn’t wait! I tried to envision myself getting pulled over for speeding and then asking the officer if he could please pose for a photo […]

♥ Thank you! ♥

In a kingdom not too far away, there once was a girl…(okay a little older than a girl, but she was female!) This girl had a blog. Also in this kingdom there was a luxurious spa named Sego Lily Day Spa where the utmost in royal pampering treatments were given. A royal decree was heard […]

Everything’s Better with Butter…

Life can be stressful. Actually, let me rephrase that:  Life IS stressful.  Of course, I don’t need to tell you this, right? Without making this a personal sob story, I can sum up life’s stress in a few words: work, work, errands, computers, commuting, cars, money, work… LIFE.  On top of that, throw in buying […]

Wrap Me Up In Butter and Call Me Good!

Thursday, May 29th, is one of my new favorite days.  It will be a day that I will celebrate forever– along with birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.  This day will be celebrated as one of the BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE!!! This day will be celebrated as the day butter changed my life! Yep, you heard me!  […]

Butter Me Up

I, Angie Lucas, have had many massages in my day, but I can state unequivocally that May 27 was the first time I’ve ever dozed off on the massage table. Blame it on Janice and the body butter. Does anyone remember the Seinfeld episode (season 9, episode 1) when Kramer decides to replace his shaving […]

Burdens Banished by Butter!

It’s a tough job but somebody had to do it. As a finalist in the Sego Lily Day Spa search for their blogger contest, I excitedly set up an appointment for my complimentary spa treatment that I would happily get to blog about as my final entry. The very kind woman on the phone informed me […]