Burdens Banished by Butter!

It’s a tough job but somebody had to do it.img_44461

As a finalist in the Sego Lily Day Spa search for their blogger contest, I excitedly set up an appointment for my complimentary spa treatment that I would happily get to blog about as my final entry.
The very kind woman on the phone informed me my treatment was to be a Body Butter Drench that was 90 minutes in length! 90 minutes???  That’s an hour and a half!  That’s three episodes of Sponge Bob!  30 minutes short of two hours!  Now, I am not sure about you, but I wasn’t sure my body could handle being drenched in rich and luxurious butter for even a few minutes let alone 90! I had visions of my dry and cracking body going into shock from lack of exposure to this kind of luxury. Maybe I needed to start slow, with say… a Body Margarine Sprinkle first?
Don’t get me wrong, I am not a member of some anti-butter cult. No, no…not me. I frequently drench many things in butter (i.e….fresh popcorn, hot rolls, steamy baked potatoes, crisp corn on the cob), after which I put them inside my body. It’s just I have never actually placed any kind of saturated fat outside of my body. Nope…never EVER drenched my body in butter. Or margarine for that matter.

I immediately went to Sego Lily’s website to read the full description of this fascinating treatment and learned they don’t offer a Body Margarine Sprinkle on the menu (probably because then everyone would be thinking, “I can’t believe it’s not butter!”) but it did say that part of the treatment includes a full body massage! Massage too? Okay I am in!!!  The deal is sealed! (Or drenched or spread or whatever!)

Bring on the butta baby!

Now for someone that has only had ONE massage in her entire life, (belly massages from wanna-be drill sergeant nurses two hours after giving birth – five different times – DO NOT COUNT!) the word excitement just doesn’t cut it! I was in a state of extreme intense anticipation!

The timing couldn’t have been better. Between the time I scheduled my appointment and the time it rolled around, I had been literally drenched (even smothered!) to my eyeballs in – no not butter – but STRESS!!! It goes without saying I was more than ready to see if my first visit would fulfill Sego Lily’s claim to renew my mind, body, AND spirit.

If there was anyone to give it the test that day, it was ME! But I admit I was somewhat skeptical considering NO chocolate was involved in the process.  Not even cocoa butter!jodi15


As I entered the spa weighed down with my heavy load of burdens, I was greeted by my wonderful masseuse, Nichole, who reached out and cheerfully took them from me.

I more than willingly handed them over to her, fully intending to retrieve them once again upon my departure.


Upon my arrival inside the spa, the beautiful and peaceful surroundings made me quickly forget all about that bag of burdens that I entered with.  I was warmly welcomed by the Sego Lily staff and shown around by Nichole. What an escape I was feeling already! I felt I had entered into a new realm for a time. Aaaaaah…….

The exhilarating aromas (aromatherapy at it’s finest!) and the tranquil ambiance quickly took their affect.

As the mother of five boys, I was not used to this.  I am usually surrounded by loud noises, rambunctious wrestling, fermenting dirty socks, smelly gym shoes, sweaty uniforms, and many other unknown fragrances, that truth be told, I prefer NOT to know what they are OR where they came from!  Ignorance IS bliss when living with boys.

No nasty aromas at Sego Lily. Not a one. Just the intoxicating scent of lavender and mint and eucalyptus permeating everywhere. It was worth walking inside just to give my olfactory receptors a thrill.


I was led to the locker room, which trust me folks is unlike ANY locker room this mother of all boys has ever seen (not that I frequent male locker rooms or anything!). Inside my personal locker was a luxuriously soft and comfortable robe! Once that baby went on, I felt like I had just been crowned Queen and was ready to be spoiled.  Nichole motioned for me to follow her, which I eagerly did, when suddenly these words flew out of my mouth:

Yes, my lady, I come hither.  Wither thou goest I will go, for I am in much need of a frolicking pamper fest consisting of being drencheth in butter.  I do fear madness will befall me if I don’t receive it heretofore!”

Wow!  That royal feeling seeped inside quick!


Even before I was inside my room, I was completely relaxed. The calming music softly playing in the background along with the serene sound of water flowing and dimmed lights made it impossible not to be. I was ready to be royally buttered pampered!

I was not disappointed. The butter cream was so luxuriating and so intensely wonderful that I swear my body just slurped it up on the spot! Honey Dew Body Butter…mmm… Honey do more! Please! Never stop!”, was consuming my thoughts! The combination of that and the massage…OH THE MASSAGE! I thought I had died and gone to saturated fats heaven!

Nichole’s magic hands and fingers found all the right places my stress was hiding. Against every instinct in my core, I fell into an almost vegetative oil state. I wasn’t asleep… heck I’m not that relaxed when I’m snoozing.  But I wasn’t quite with it either.

After being lavishly drenched in butter I was wrapped up in a plastic cocoon basting blissfully while given the most incredible neck massage known to woman!  I emerged from my cocoon – not a butterfly – but a royal Queen Bee!


Now I can NOT believe I am about to say this, BUT… this experience was even BETTER than chocolate! I know, I know….that sounds like blasphemy especially coming from me – the founder of Chocoholics Un-anonymous. But this truly surpassed any chocolate experience even I’ve ever known. Yes, better than any chocolate morsel that has ever passed through my lips en route to my hips, and yet this was 100% calorie free! Whoever heard of drenching anything with butter without inducing severe guilt laden calories?

Hmm…I wonder if they’ve considered doing a Cocoa Butter Drench too?


This healthy indulgence did more than fully RENEW my mind, body, and spirit!  It soothed my soul, strengthened my body, and clarified my mind, just as promised.  I was a new woman as I departed!  My experience at Sego Lily lived up to it’s claim and definitely quenched my body’s thirst for serenity in this chaotic world!  My bag of burdens remained behind.  An enormous weight was lifted!

As I flitted lightly out the door of that tranquil world inside Sego Lily, I felt completely ready to take on the world again… and with a new crown to boot!  After all that pampering and drenching in butter, I felt like royalty, a real Dairy Queen!

Do whatever you want with my bag of burdens Nichole.  Maybe you should drench it in butter too!

Do whatever you want with my bag of burdens Nichole. Maybe you should drench it in butter too!


They have everything you need to tame your WILD LOCKS after a day of spa frolicking!


They even sell the yummy butter so you can drench yourself in it at home when your skin gets thirsty! Sorry, they don't sell massages in a can!


Fare thee well my Sego Lily lady! Parting is such sweet sorrow! But 'tis not so when parting with heavy burdens! I thank thee for thou hast taketh them far away!

Not trying to butter you up nope!  BUT if you are in need of a vacay from your stress and burdens then allow Sego Lily to do the buttering up! They are really good at it!!!  As always the proof is in the pudding butter!!!

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  1. Troy
    Troy says:

    I’m jealous Jodi! Looks like I’ll need to send Carol there. We are definitely stressed here since she just got word she’s losing her job.
    :0(. Do they have a poor man’s package? ;0) Let’s get together soon!

  2. Shauna
    Shauna says:

    Okay, so when can I sign up. You captured your experience so well both photographically and verbally. I must admit that it made me a bit jealous. I guess I will just need to make an appointment and experience the bliss myself.

  3. Lonny Winterton
    Lonny Winterton says:

    This lady is a true winner, and could use a spa break after her recent “trials” of family and life. Dealing with hurt kids, and graduating kids- she is ready!!!

  4. Brian Gailey
    Brian Gailey says:

    Any woman that something is better then Chocolate must really be tuned in on the experience. My vote is for Jodi.

  5. Kimberly
    Kimberly says:

    Wow! It sounds like quite the day! I’ve never thought much about going to a spa, but this sounds great! Jodi, your blog was sooo much fun to read!

  6. Linda Love
    Linda Love says:

    I want to slip right in and be buttered too. Sounds like the perfect get away

  7. Lisa Ellis
    Lisa Ellis says:

    Having never gone to a spa before, I quite enjoyed reading Jodi’s blog on Sego Lily Day Spa. I think her comments will have great appeal to those novice in the spa experience! Her candid photos were an added bonus, not to mention her charming wit (her bag of burdens?)! Good luck, Jodi! I think you’re a real winner!

  8. Lester Olsen
    Lester Olsen says:

    I feel Jodi should be the Sego Lily Day Spa Winner because she needs to be buttered up with all those boys!!!

  9. Carol Pyle
    Carol Pyle says:

    You are my favorite American Mother!!! I love your description of the butter trench massage. Made me feel like I was there with you. I VOTE FOR JODI!!!!!! She deserves it…

  10. Glenda
    Glenda says:

    Hey Jodi, You go girl sound like one fantastic day.
    Let it be known… Oh yes I vote for you….


    Jodi deserves this more than anyone I know. Not only is she an amazing mother but an amazing friend to every one she knows. She has plenty of stress but still finds the time to do many things to help other people.

  12. suzie
    suzie says:


  13. Leslie Capener
    Leslie Capener says:

    I feel Jodi should win because she needs a little R & R after all the many things so does for her family!!

  14. Rob
    Rob says:

    Coming over from tryingtostaycalm to vote for Jodi Burdens Banished by Butter! I hope she wins! She totally deserves it 🙂

  15. Dave
    Dave says:

    Great post! Good luck with the contest! You would be an amazing spokesperson for Sego Lily!!!

  16. gramee
    gramee says:

    OH i love this POST!!

    i haven’t been to Sego LIly in a long time but you made me
    remember ever wonderful moment!.
    my husband gave me a full day of treatment for my
    birthday a few years ago.
    i hope you win!!

  17. Lori Duffin
    Lori Duffin says:

    I’m Heidi Wheatley’s sister and she says your the one. So based on her recommendation, my vote is for Jodi. Your website is very cute. Did Heidi help you with it?

  18. g-dub
    g-dub says:

    Great Job Jodi! I really like yours a lot! It really looks like you enjoyed yourself! I’d love to see a Cocoa Butter Drench on the menu as well:) Good Luck!

  19. Dean
    Dean says:

    WOW, this Blog makes me want to sign up and get some of that stress relief. although I would have to try it myself to see if it was better than chocolate, but it sounds like it is better than anything.

  20. Joshua
    Joshua says:

    I vote for Jodi. I liked how you wrote this Jodi. After surviving being a mother of five boys, I think you definitely deserve this!

  21. Dean
    Dean says:

    Wow, this blog wants to make me sign up and get some of that stress relief.although I would have to try it myself to see if was better than chocolate,but Jodi makes it sound better than anything.

  22. Jenny DeCow
    Jenny DeCow says:

    Wow that sounds amazing!! I truly would love to try that! I hope you win. you have my vote!!

  23. Brooke Burt
    Brooke Burt says:

    This was so good, I am ready to run… really run in for mine. Way to go Jodi! Love it!

  24. Hailey
    Hailey says:

    I vote for Jodi. Sounds SOOOOO relaxing!!! You have made me want to go and use my 2 massage gift certificates that my husband has given me but I have not taken the time to use.

  25. Cindi Bain
    Cindi Bain says:

    Jodi all the way…Jodi…Jodi!!! She has the BEST blog – she is amazing…please let her win!!!

  26. Lucy
    Lucy says:

    Oh please….let this girl win. If for nothing else than she lives in a huge houseful of MEN. She NEEEEEEEDDDDDDSSSSS time out in a spa.


  27. FawnDear
    FawnDear says:

    Queen Jodi definately deserves to win this blog contest. You could choose no better recipient to bestow this honor on.

    Best wishes for more buttery exeriences for Jodi.

  28. Cathy L
    Cathy L says:

    You go Girl!!! Great Post! Take as much butter as you can today…You can Chocolate tomorrow!

  29. Melanie Butler
    Melanie Butler says:

    Jodi is an amazing blogger. Her skill is re-freshing and inviting. I love to read about her and I don’t even know her. She has a fun sense of humor and seems to be a friend to all, she has my vote. Way to go Jodi, great job!!

  30. Peggy Hawker
    Peggy Hawker says:

    Wow – as much as I like chocolate – this makes me think maybe there is something better. Enjoyed reading about your experience!

  31. Cynthia Steele
    Cynthia Steele says:

    I would love reading about more experiences from Jodi. She has a great writing style and sense of humor. She made me feel that I was there and envious that I wasn’t. I have been to Sego Lily once and would love to come back. It was very relaxing. I bought a treatment for myself and a friend. We both left relaxed and rejuvenated.

  32. Maralyn McCurdy
    Maralyn McCurdy says:

    Jodi – I am a close friend of your Mother’s. I have to tell you, you are the spitting image of Suzanne. Pretty as a picture. That was some blog. You definitely should be a writer. Good Luck, I definitely vote for Jodi. She deserves to win.

  33. Renee M.
    Renee M. says:

    My vote is for Jodi!! My goodness this is fun though reading about what each one is having done. Might have to try it myself one day!

  34. Biddy311
    Biddy311 says:

    You feel as passionate about your spa experience as you do about chocolate? Wow…If that’s the case, there’s not another person on the planet who deserves this more than you do! You’ve got my vote.

  35. Lisa Waldron
    Lisa Waldron says:

    Hey Jodi sounds like you had a wonderful time–although that hardly would describe it! incredible is more like it! You make me want one bad! LOL i always enjoy reading your blogs and this was no exception! Hope you win the “gold”!

  36. kathy sumko
    kathy sumko says:

    As much as I love and admire Jodi, I didn’t realize she was an hysterical and observant writer as well. Way to go, girl. You got my vote Butter Babe!!!

  37. yvonne
    yvonne says:

    As a fellow chocoholic, I can’t imagine saying this would be better, but you certainly made me stop and think.
    Looks like a great place.

    You so deserve to win.

  38. Sky
    Sky says:

    Being one of the five boys…I feel partially responsible for your deep need for special treatment. I’ll be the first to say you deserve it!

  39. Wendy Bush
    Wendy Bush says:

    I hope you win! I’m looking forward to hearing you write about it every month! Your blogs are always my fav……… Go Jodi!

  40. Michael Todd
    Michael Todd says:

    Jodi’s story made me want to move to Utah, start a dairy and make my own butter just so I could take it to the spa and have them give me the butter treatment.

  41. Reina Olson
    Reina Olson says:

    Jodi is the best !!!! I vote for Jodi a beautiful women who has always put everyone else first and should win this opportunity !!!!!

  42. Jalyn Cobbley
    Jalyn Cobbley says:

    Not only does Jody deserve this she is the best blogger I know and always giving to her family, commumity, church, and friends. She deserves this and good luck Jody….

  43. Tori
    Tori says:

    I vote for Jodi! Not only do you deserve it, but you did a fantastic job convincing me I deserve a trip to Sego Lily too!

  44. carolyne bamforth
    carolyne bamforth says:

    with 5 boys at home jodie really does deserve a spa day. my vote goes to her.

  45. Marilyn
    Marilyn says:

    I definitely vote for Jodi. She is funny, fun, and all around awesome. She is the queen!

  46. Heather
    Heather says:

    Jodi deserves to win! She makes me want to come in and have my own experience with saturated fat!

  47. Kayla Brady
    Kayla Brady says:

    I vote for Jodi! She really needs to win this because she is such an awesome blogger.

  48. Doug Goff
    Doug Goff says:

    By the way, Jodi should win this . . . not because she dedserves it, but because I have been trying to shut her up for years and have found it impossible. If she wins, she will probably not shut up about the spa . . . and this is in the spa’s best interest, because if she loses, she probably will not shut up about the raw deal (my opinion) she got in the spa’s contest.

  49. Lonny Winterton
    Lonny Winterton says:

    Jodi is the one! She is kind hearted, and a great mother and wife to her husband- and she LOVES chocolate… what’s more deserving than that. Go, Jodi!!!!

  50. ning fathia
    ning fathia says:

    Boy, do I envy you!! You look really fresh and ready after all the treatment, and yes, feeling like a Royal Queen Bee!! All hail The Queen!! So, JODY is my favorite blogger!! Yaaaaay Queen Jodi!!

  51. Belen
    Belen says:

    I come from the other part of the world:Madrid, Spain, and although I dont know Jodi in person, I have read her blog, and I think she is such a great woman and mother, so I vote for her. Good luck Jodi, or, as we say in Spain:buena suerte!, you deserve the best!!!

  52. Joannie Vargas
    Joannie Vargas says:

    What a great little mother and she’s a sweetheart, You go GIRL! I vote for Jodi.

  53. Paula
    Paula says:

    I vote for Jodi…I have been reading her blog for sometime now and I find that everytime I go there I get just the lift that I am needing.

  54. Julie Davies
    Julie Davies says:

    I vote for Jodi. We went to college together and she still looks as gorgeous and energetic and she has a kind and open heart. She deserves to win.

  55. Tamara B.
    Tamara B. says:

    I didn’t put enough sugar on my first comment to get your attention so I really….. really…… feel that you are the one who deserves to win because you are a women who ROCKS!

  56. mark allen
    mark allen says:

    Jodi, Jodi, Jodi.. she is the one.
    What an evangelist you have in Jodi.
    She gets my vote.

  57. Jenny Martin
    Jenny Martin says:

    I vote for Jodi! This is a cute story–very colorful. Jodi loves pampering and chocolate!

  58. Melanie Smith
    Melanie Smith says:

    Jodi was my Young Womens Leader, and she is such a sweetheart!!! So I would vote for her! =)

  59. janet reber
    janet reber says:

    JOdi should win feet or hands down. Really is there any other one even in the running?

  60. Sandi Critchlow
    Sandi Critchlow says:

    I vote for Jodi, she is a loving mother and would really appreciate the breaks

  61. Jeremy Mikhail
    Jeremy Mikhail says:

    JODI!!! All the way! If she doesn’t win, I will personally come to this institution and metaphorically burn it to the ground! Which means nothing, really. But still, Jodi has my vote!

  62. Mike Lakey
    Mike Lakey says:

    I think Jodi deserves this because she is always helping others and needs the pampering

  63. dave carter
    dave carter says:

    she gits my vote because she hasnt killed me yet for all the things that i have done to her the past few months

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