Utah Search for the Sego Lily Blogger!

**Update from Sego Lily Spa:

We have extended the entry deadline until April 25th, 2009! Please be sure to subscribe to this blog for future updates and announcements.

The Search for the Sego Lily Blogger!

Are you one of Utah’s Best Bloggers? Are your skills worthy of landing you the title of the Sego Lily Blogger?

If the answer is yes then you could win the absolute ultimate spa package. A spa treatment, every month for the entire year… at BOTH Sego Lily locations!

A dream schedule of 24 of our most luxurious treatments, valued around $3,000. We cover the tip, we cover the treatment, and basically we treat you like royalty… the catch? You just have to blog about the experience and tell the rest of the world what it’s like to enjoy the most healthy indulgence of your life!

Creating Your Entry
Your Personal Blog is Your Entry Form!
Entry Deadline is April 25th, 2009
Entry is simple, post on your own personal blog about why YOU should be the Sego Lily Blogger for a year. Write whatever you’d like but make it entertaining, stylish and make it stand out! Also, you must post a link to this page at the end of your blog entry, that way all your friends and family can see what you are entering!

We are looking for a blogger that is entertaining and interesting to read. We will judge all of the entries in three separate criterias, the creativity of your entry, your writing style, and last – the look and feel of your blog design.

Submitting Your Entry
Send an email to blog@segolilyspa.com and include the following:

  • Your Name
  • Contact Information (phone number, email address, mailing address)
  • A Link to your blog where you posted “Why you should be the Sego Lily Blogger”
  • Feel free to post a link to your own blog in the comments below (The finalists are voted on publicly so it won’t hurt to get some early fans!)

The Finalists
We will narrow down all of the entries to five finalists, these finalists will be given a free luxurious treatment, and all the tools (including Sego Lily logos, graphics and photos) to create a sample Sego Lily Blog post on and tell the world about their treatment!

The Voting
The Sego Lily Blogger WILL be Found
After the finalists have blogged about their experience the public will vote on their favorite. The winning blogger will turn into the Official Sego Lily Blogger, contracts will be signed and the dream year will begin!

The Reward!

The Dream Spa Schedule!
The winner will be the official Sego Lily Blogger for a year! You will receive a full schedule of regular spa treatments. Over the course of the year the Sego Lily blogger will be treated to our most fabulous indulgences including a variety of facials, body treatments, vichy showers, massages and pedicures. That’s not all, we’ll also customize a treatment schedule to address any indivual concerns you have about your skin or figure. Is that all, of course not! As an honorary employee of the spa you will also receive a variety of employee-only benefits, that we’ll be happy to share with you once you are selected!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. Do I need to know HTML or be knowledgeable about web design?

Answer. You do not need to be a computer expert to enter, and no, you do not need to know HTML or have any kind of technical knowledge to enter or win! Things like adding photos and making the text look good are easy to do without any knowledge of technical web design.

Question. I’ve never been to a spa, can I still enter this contest?

Answer. Yes, absolutely!  Spa experience is not a requirement, if you win you will get PLENTY of spa experience!

Rules and Requirements
No purchase necessary! Must be 18 to enter. Must be willing to travel to spa locations at your expense for treatments (so we’d prefer you live in Northern Utah!) Winner agrees to blog about their experience at the spa in order to continue to receive complimentary treatments. Sego Lily blogger needs to be physically able to receive regular spa treatments, in the event that any conditions occur that pre-empt continued normal treatments, including but not limited to injury or pregnancy, then Sego Lily management reserves the right to replace the Blogger with an alternate. Sego Lily blogger agrees that all content generated for the Sego Lily Blog is the property of Sego Lily Spa and is created under a work-for-hire agreement in and exchange for services rendered. Sego Lily management reserves the right to replace the winner with an alternate finalist in the event that these conditions are not met. Other terms and conditions do apply, please inquire for full details.

149 replies
  1. admin
    admin says:

    It’s been less than a week and we already have half-a-dozen entries! Thanks so much for passing the word along about this fantastic contest. We will not be sharing a link to your personal blogs, so rest assured if you like your privacy you will be able to keep it… the finalists will be posting on this official Sego Lily Blog so your personal blog will always be safe-and-sound and YOURS!

    However, if you want the world to see your blog and maybe gain some fans then by all means, leave a link to your blog in the comments!

    Good luck and happy blogging,
    Sego Lily Management

  2. Paula Edens
    Paula Edens says:

    I had a most enjoyable massage last week; came out of the studio refreshed and invigorated! I hope to win the Blogger contest so that I can enjoy many more services that Sego Lily has to offer!

  3. Erica
    Erica says:

    I REALLY want to enter. I grew up in Utah but have been living in Washington DC for the last couple years. I will be moving home back to Utah in less than 30 days and would LOVE to enter this. I blog almost daily and want to enter SO bad. Can I enter even though I am not in Utah right now? We move home in only 30 days…!!! I love Sego Lily and have had multiple treatments there that I loved. Let me know!! Thanks!

  4. Jodi
    Jodi says:

    Oh,oh,oh!!! I am so excited to enter. I am getting started on my post right now!!! A year’s supply of spa treatments?! What could top that? This has to be THEE best contest I have ever heard about!

  5. larry mcneill
    larry mcneill says:

    I found this through lovetobreathe.blogspot.com. What a great idea you guys have with this contest!!

  6. joyce
    joyce says:

    I read about this contest at my favorite lovetobreathe.com website. I’m now wishing I had my own blog site so I could enter the contest. As a devoted spa connoisseur, I can honestly say Sego Lily is one of the best!

  7. Mindi
    Mindi says:

    I am officially (and gleefully) throwing my fluffy white robe into the ring on this contest. Many thanks for the opportunity!

  8. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    Connie @ http://www.youngandrelentless.com/2009/04/i-am-mommyhear-me-cry.html deserves a year of spa treatments soooo much! Being a wonderful mom to her TWO two years olds keeps her very busy, but she takes it all in stride. She maintains a great sense of humor and she still finds time to blog and keep us updated on their lives.

    She’s a great friend and she would say wonderful things about the treatments she would receive if she won. She has a great blog following!!

  9. Diaryofamadbathroom
    Diaryofamadbathroom says:

    Good morning to the fine, rational and good looking people at the Sergo Lily Spa. Allow me a few moments of your time to explain why Jen at the Steenky Bee should be your blogger.

    Reason 1: Her name is Steenky. That alone sounds like she would benefit from good sugar scrubbin.

    Reason 2: She recently spent a long period of time hanging out in a public restroom at an amusement park. The stress of this event – walking on tipttoes around puddles, deflecting children’s hands from touching things, basically spending the entire time in a Michael Jordan style mid-air hang above the nastiness was difficult on the muscles. Many knots to be worked out. Refer to this post for details – http://steenkybee.blogspot.com/2009/04/what-happens-when-you-meet-me.html

    Reason 3: She just returned from a giant hole in the earth. I would assume some gussy-ing up is necessary on completion of that effort. I gather that she is an amateur spelunker, and that’s no easy job. She probably spent a lot of time in a miners helmet with coal smears on her face (soemthing your crack team could remedy, no doubt). See this post for info – http://steenkybee.blogspot.com/2009/04/hole-n-rock.html

    Reason 4: This is the best reason of all. This is one cool chick. She will write things about your spa that a team of crack ad folks at the Detsch agency couldn’t dream up in their most creative work. And, she has a ton of followers that will put on their scuffy slippers and robe and walk behind her into your doors. Those of us that live too far away re will simply cyber stalk you until we can get to your great state.

    What more do you need to know?

  10. Sprite's Keeper
    Sprite's Keeper says:

    I’m not a paid spokesman, but I am here to offer my praises for the illustrious Jennifer Glass, a/k/a Steenky Bee. Jennifer has been a favorite blogger of mine for the most part of a year, her humor and clever wordplay keep me coming back time and again for a guaranteed smile in my day. Seriously, you want someone like this to represent you in the blogosphere. I repeat, I am not being paid. Should I be?
    Vote STEENKY BEE!!

  11. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    You should pick Jen from The Steenky Bee as your blogger. She will not lack for honesty, but will be so indulged, and therefore, loyal that you can guaruntee that she is going to be blogging nothing but love for you.

    I’d enter myself but I live a few states away. (Do you have a location in Iowa? No?! Get one and I’ll be your blogger here!)

  12. Erica
    Erica says:

    My vote is for Jen Glass (aka Steenky Bee). The girl is a writing genious and I laugh my ass off every time I read her blog. Plus, she’s got two small children. She NEEDS to win this contest!

  13. Sonya Dinsdale
    Sonya Dinsdale says:

    My vote is for the Steenkey Bee (Jennifer Glass). I want to hear her rendition of 80’s hits blasting from the restroom complete with whiffs of the products she is sampling.

  14. Beth
    Beth says:

    I am a beautiful blogger from Arizona and I am hear to tell you Jennifer Glass, The Steenky Bee is Utah’s best blogger. Besides, she could really use your services, if you know what i mean. Hee Hee.

  15. CK Lunchbox
    CK Lunchbox says:

    Steenky Bee! You should go with Ms. Bee. As someone who has worked in sales and marketing for a number of years, I know what I’m saying. She’s fun, entertaining and polished, and has a pull to her readers that will put a smile on their face that get them in your door. Go with the Bee!

  16. Jen Maselli
    Jen Maselli says:

    Clearly, the best candidate for Sego Lily Blogger is Jen Glass at Steenky Bee. She is funny and irreverent, yet totally serious about her beauty routine. The woman can write. She created an internet sensation with a post about a telephone. Imagine what she could do with salt scrubs and massages. And yes, she may occasionally use inappropriate quotation marks, but that is part of her charm.

    I love her, the internets love her, and visitors to your spa and website will love her too. Seriously.

    Check her out here: http://steenkybee.blogspot.com/2009/04/why-i-should-be-selected-as-sego-lily.html

  17. Casey
    Casey says:

    Since I live in FL, the commute might be a bit much for me to enter this contest myself. That’s probably a good thing since I’ve seen the new face of Sego Lily Day Spa and it’s that of Jennifer (Steenky Bee) glass. There is nobody in this world more qualified and dynamic to represent your business. Sure, she’s nuts but in a good way and she’s more popular than the Obama’s new dog. Talk about free advertising, she’ll have people lining up at the doors. Sign her up. Head to her place and read more reasons why she’s the man for the job:


  18. JoAnn Heninger
    JoAnn Heninger says:

    Hi, Steenkybee has told me about her contest – and I just wanted to say that I follow her blog daily and she is so creative and funny and her experiences and stories are just like some times I experience or have trouble with- she has a why of writing that makes you laugh and say, I know what she means. And I like the way she encludes her family, friends and co- workers and every day people in her blog – she is not just focused on herself.
    Thanks, JoAnn Heninger

  19. Middle-Aged-Woman
    Middle-Aged-Woman says:

    If I lived in Utah, I’d be begging you to pick me. Instead, consider Jen Glass (steenky bee). She could really use the help.

    Oh yeah, and her blog is the highlight of the day for me! (Get it? Highlights? Like in hair? No? Just me, then.)

  20. Gillianne
    Gillianne says:

    A. I love your contest. And I wish I lived in Utah so I was able to partake in your spa-ey goodness. If I visit either of your towns, I will.
    B. I love Jen (aka Steenky Bee) and her witticisms. Also her 80’s lip synching. Seriously. Fancy.
    C. Ergo Jen Glass Steenky Bee should be your new blogger. To sum up, fancy, witty, classy.

  21. JuleeSLC
    JuleeSLC says:

    The Steenky Bee and her blog are the perfect forum for Sego Lily Spa. As a working mom of two, she is every woman! I’m a longtime friend and reader of her blog and have every faith in her ability to capture the essence and experience of visiting Sego Lily for some much-deserved pampering.

    I look forward to many visits to Sego Lily with my bloggess goddess friend, Steenky Bee.

  22. pamela
    pamela says:

    Dearest Spa People,
    You may, er, ought to have noticed by now that Jennifer Glass, alias: SteenkyBee, has applied to be your blogger of the year. You need to seriously consider her as it is completely obvious to a large number of us, and most importantly, ME, that she is in the most desperate need of becoming the blogger of the year.

    That girl is wound so freaking tight!!! Have you seen her nappy hair? Come on, people, for the love of all that is good and pure and full of hair relaxer, throw some love Steenky’s way.

    Think of the good you could do for the Steenk, and think of how positively it would reflect on your Spa-ing Skills. Steenky has lots of followers, and I can’t even begin to imagine the number of people who have her in a reader. A gazillion, I bet. At least. Imagine the publicity you’d get after massaging her with hot stones, and cleaning the fungus off her feet…what’s that called again? Right. Curing the peds. Or something. Anyway, the point is that you all would be the heroes of the spa world. If you can normalize the Steenk, and make her feel all Natural Woman and Stuff, you will be officially the Bomb, supposing that being a bomb is a good thing, if not, then you’ll be the daffodils or a great big pile o’money or something like that.

    And for the record, all the talk of Steenky being a stalker is just hooey. (Hold on a minute, some crazy-haired woman is staring in the office window, I need to bang on the glass to scare her away…)

    What was I saying? Something about a stalker? Well, let’s stop talking about that for now, I think I may have been mistaken.

    Really and truly, Jen will do a great job, and bring her inimitable brand of sass and fun. And she’s always on her A-Game. You won’t be disappointed.

  23. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Throwing in my support for Stinky Bee. She would be awesome and offer great, entertaining blog entries for your site. You neeeeeed her!

  24. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Oh..I meant to say Steenky Bee as not to confuse her with anyone else. When a person is Steenky you kind of forget how to spell their name. See? She needs to go to the spa. Bad! Scrub the lady down!

  25. Sassypants Wifey
    Sassypants Wifey says:

    Totally throwing in my vote for Jen Glass, your spa specialists will have just as much fun with her as she will with them. Talk about the 2 for 1 deal there! Plus she is just fantastic!

    GO JEN!!!

  26. Antoinette Meaterson
    Antoinette Meaterson says:

    I wish to vote for SteenkyBee, aka Jennifer Glass. She’s a mommy and probably needs all the help she can get.

  27. jen
    jen says:

    please … oh please … pick my steenky bee! (aka jennifer glass)
    i may not live near utah … but i have friends there … and i absolutely promise (and pinky swear) that i will send them in your direction whenever they are in need of sugar scrubbing and massages and such. believe it or not … they are all mamas … so … basically … they are ALWAYS in need of a little pampering.
    and when i visit … steeky has promised that she will bring me there … wasn’t that what you said, jen?

  28. pamela
    pamela says:

    I’ve read some of the entries, and nobody’s got The Pizzazz, The Superlativeness, The Total Awesomesauce of Steenky Bee.

    That’s right, I said AWESOMESAUCE. You should integrate the word into your vocabulary immediately.

  29. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    While I wish it could be me getting all of those blissful sounding treatments, you really should pick Steenky Bee. End. Of. Story.

  30. cIII
    cIII says:

    If you should not choose Steenky Bee, I’ll tell everyone I know you molest Collies and Chocolate Labradors.

    You’ve been warned.

  31. trichelle monroy
    trichelle monroy says:

    I was so excited when I opened my email and saw the link from Crazi Beautiful Women about your contest. I immediately clicked the link to read the rules. Honestly who wouldn’t want to win such an incredible PRIZE?! However after checking the competition, I’m heartbroken to admit that I stand NO ChANCE against the one called Steenky BEE. She is incredible. I loved her entry, and despite the fact that I have blogged about your sensuous spa previously on my personal blog and will likely do so again after my next “mini-vacation” there, I have to wave my white flag in the air and surrender. She would make an awesome blogger for your site.

  32. Janet Thaeler
    Janet Thaeler says:

    If you’re going to run a contest…it probably is a good idea to:
    – Not extend the deadline really far ahead of time.
    – Tell the finalists and announce who they are on your blog.

    Maybe I missed something but it’s strange that there is nothing more about this even though the deadline has passed.

    You created all sorts of good will and blog posts and then you just dropped it. It’s vague too – like how the voting system works. Is that just for the finalists?


    • admin
      admin says:

      Hi Janet,
      The contest has closed for new entries but the judging is still in progress. We will be announcing the finalists as soon as they are selected. Sorry that the voting seems vague, votes will only be gathered after the finalists are selected.

      From the rules:
      The Voting
      The Sego Lily Blogger WILL be Found
      After the finalists have blogged about their experience the public will vote on their favorite. The winning blogger will turn into the Official Sego Lily Blogger, contracts will be signed and the dream year will

  33. segolily
    segolily says:

    Sorry for the delay! Between Mother’s Day and launching our new advanced skin care at our Layton location we have been swamped. No worries though, the evaluations are moving along full speed ahead, we should have the finalists ready to announce within a week (or possibly two). Thanks for your patience everyone, and thanks for so many REALLY, REALLY good entries. The decision is much tougher than we thought it would be!

  34. Liz Ward
    Liz Ward says:

    I vote for Amanda Calton! She deserves the pampering, and would be an amazing blogger for you!!!

  35. aubri
    aubri says:

    I vote for Amanda. I just found her blog and I just love her writing style. She’s funny, and just what I needed to day.. a breath of fresh air!!

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